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Friday, September 2, 2011

getting ready for solid :)

my den den is 4 month old now and he's showing signs that he's ready for solid hehe..and worse he's teething now..huhu..crying profusely..bring him to the Dr last nite and he's totally fine,so i guess my suspicion is true..he's teething..OMG
bought this bumbo seat for him @ little me..nasib baik ada diskaun 10%..kalo nda,bocor poket hahaha..actually there's a slightly lesser in price baby seat but i choose bumbo because its the only baby seat endorsed by orthopedic & paediatrician worldwide..gotta protect his little spine from the early bah kan

i choose green cause its my fave color..and unisex,so if den den has a little sister later,boleh la dia waris hahhaa :p

Monday, August 29, 2011

yehaaaaaaaaa...i'm rolling rolling rolling..

hehe..at last my den den manage to rollover..another milestone he had achieve and he's only 15 week old when he manage to rollover..yipee..can wait for another milestone achievement :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Den Den's Jumperoo!!!

i just love the feeling of waiting my packages to arrived at home..it feels like my present is being delivered every time i receive my package..i'm definitely a Shopzilla..from my own needs to my baby's stuffs..sekarang lagi ada small baby susah mo berjalan, online shop la my way of de-stressing my self..haha :p

well,my latest splurge is from a baby shop at http://www.peekaboo.my/..i had a good experience shopping with them. Their customer service is very good (its not that i'm affiliate with them,just sharing my personal experience la kunun)..i even got a refund in shipping charge,:)


UNWRAPPING BEGAN..:).it take me almost half an hour to assemble this jumperoo..easy as a pie :p

Haha dats all for now..kinda busy setting up my online store..until my next update..c ya all and have a nice weekend :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My last week of maternity leave..

Diz week is the last week of my maternity leave..without realizing it,i've been onleave for 90+days now (haha cuz i was so busy into diapering feeding soothing my lil DenDen ^_^)..The thought of returning to work does stress me a little..sebab takut incompetent sudah kunun..imagine when you did not work 4 3 month..mesti itu skill pun kurang sudah kan..huhu..but whatever it is,life must go on..i want to be with my baby all the time but i've to work also kan,can afford to get unpaid leave (also known as cuti menjaga anak)..so many things to pay (house,cars,baby sitter,my online shopping spree hahaha)..aiya..

And my last week of maternity leave also means that my baby has hit the 3 month mark,Yipee!!During his check up @ KKIA last week,he's was a bit fussy when i put him on the timbangan (maybe he doesnt like to be naked infront of stranger kot), and imagine how shock i was when the nurse told me that he's 6.8 kg already!!OMG,i know he was on the larger side comparing to his peer,but he really looks like 6 month old baby now,almost double his size when he was born last May.  It must meant that i've done a good job in feeding him with booby milk la kan..hahhaa..
Here he is in his new shirt and pants that i've bought from the carter..and guess what,the shirt and pants is actually for 9 month old baby!!OMG, sendat sudah in my den den..i think the next time i should be buying 1 year old toddler cloth for him..isk2

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bottle warmer..do you need one?

reastfeeding is not as difficult as most people taught..at first i almost gave up initially when my baby seems unsettle after i breastfeed him,those thought such as is my breast milk is enough for him keep lingering in my mind that time..but now after 3 month of breastfeeding him,i have no breast milk supply problem anymore and sometimes when i pump,i can get 4 oz at one time!! and mean my baby can have full feed already yipee!!
well,I'm not going to elaborate on the benefits of breastfeeding as these info can be found almost everywhere.but i personally think this site is the best in providing baby related..http://www.babycenter.com/..i just love this site..you can sign up with them and you can get your baby weekly development from conception till toddler :)

Well,when you r breastfeeding there's a lot of thing that is needed
  • Breast pump
  • Breast milk storage -bottle/cup/bag
  • Sterilizer to sterilize the equipment- haha you don't want Ur precious lil one to ingest all those germ bh kan hehe
  • Breast pad
  • Bottle warmer-to warm expressed breast milk/food (my baby suka his milk suam2 and he hates cold milk)
So,back to my topic today..do you need a bottle warmer?my answer would be yes and no..yes if you are a lazybum like me and no if you prefer the good ol way :)
I have to type of bottle warmer i.e tommee tippee closer to nature bottle warmer and philip avent IQ Digital bottle warmer. I bought the tommy tippee for rm 168.00 at Little Me,,KK. I dont like it because not only it is very slow in warming Expressed breast milk (EBM) from the fridge,the temperature is difficult to get it right esp when my son wants his milk asap screaming like mad and frusfrated when the milk is too hot or still cold after placing it in the warmer..ugh..

With Philip Avent Digital Bottle warmer,it is different. It warms EBM fast( in 2 minute!!) and at the correct temperature.You can choose from 6 possible option :milk from room temperature/chilled/frozen and food from the same option like the EBM. No more hotspot and its so easy to use and there's display :) Its the best bottle warmer out there!Here's how to use it..It retail about RM 250 and worth every ringgit :)
Or you can always immerse the refrigerated EBM in a container with warm water,a cost efficient way but time costly offcourse :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Newborn must have list 101 part 1

This year i have so many friends of mine who are expecting their 1st baby (me also becoming a first time mommy in last may :)).i think 2011 is the nesting year kot for most of us or the age is ngam2 sudah to have baby since most of us already in their late 20s and early 30s.being a first time mom,there are so many things that we dont know and the urge to buy everything cute for our baby is so strong sampai last2 those item just sit in the closet cuz its not practical to use..huh..sayang $$ ja..but biasa la kan if 1st baby,semua pun mau beli my mum said hehe.Wished that i hear wat mum say and do my homework dulu before buying those stuffs,but ntah la kenapa last time when i'm pregnant i kinda crazy in buying all those stuffs that i tought will be usefull..blame it on the hormone huh

well,this are the newborn must have list in my opinion,cuz sometimes those list yg provided by baby online retailer or baby website cater for western babies and kalo yg online shop,paham2 sjla list dia memanjang hehe.
  1. Nursery- Baby cot,crib mattress,crib bumper
  2. Everyday use-
  • Baby napkin (these are useful specially when the 1st month of baby where he still too small for cloth diapering),buy 2 pack is enough :)
  • cloth diaper( i love these,so easy to use & clean,xpayah mo lipat2 hehe,they look like pants with insert,they are so soft to baby skin,ada yang mahal ada yg murah,but i'm using QQ baby and Rumperooz,and i personally think they are the same in doing their job)
  • towel (preferably not so thick because it can be use to swaddling baby,i've made mistake in buying those thick & fluffy towel which end up jadi my baby punya bath towel/ bantal haha)
  • handkerchief (buy these a few,for lap2 baby time mandi,lap mulut dia after minum susu,they can function like bip also without the cost of baby bip ;)
  • disposable diaper ( buy those newborn size,i think Huggies is the best cuz my baby don't get diaper rash even though he's using these on a hot climate month of may,drypers is Ok also but my baby bum  jadi merah after using it last time)
  • baby wipe (pureen or johnson baby is the best,guardian baby wipe also good but not so effective in cleaning his poopies :p,but its very cheap la compare to pureen n johnson)
  1. Feeding
  • Feeding bottles ( 4-6 is enough,choose those with anti colic function and BPA free like philip avent,MAM,Dr Brown,NUK,tommy tippee are some of it.I'm using Avent bottles,so far my baby is colic free and i love them for it.initially i though my avent bottle was leaking when i start using it but then i realize that u cant screw the bottle too tight because if u do that it'll leak :)
  • Pacifier ( i have a few,tommy tippee,avent and nuk,my baby reject the tommy tippee immediately,accept the avent but not fond of it,and the only paci he'll suck is the nuk paci)
  • Bottle sterilizer ( i'm using avent steam sterilizer,they are great and kill 99% of the bacteria and the content is steril for 6 hour.These retail about Rm 250+ in online store such as mybabyshop.com,littewhiz.com)
  • bottle warmer (a must for breastfeeding mom to warm the expressed breastmilk)
  • breastpump ( a must for expresssing BM to relieve breast engorgement due to painful nipple during those first few week of breastfeeding. I personally recommend Avent manual breastpump,easy to use,easy to clean and assemble,and the best part is it mimic baby sucking rhytm and it helps in increasing my breastmilk supply during the 1st month of my baby breastfeeding)
  • breastmilk storage ( there's container or bags,depends on personal preference)
    1. Baby Care & Bathing-these include baby bath,baby lotion,baby oil,baby powder,baby shampoo,bath tub,nasal aspirator,baby powder puff case,nappy rash cream ( i use sebamed),baby nail clipper
    2. Baby Clothing-mitten & botties,baby abdominal binder,baby hat,long sleeves,short sleeves,long pants,short pants,diaper pant,i recommend buy these in a few sizes because baby tend to outgrew them really fast..my baby was a mere 3.1 kg at birth and when he's a month old he's about 4.4 kg!!
    3. For Mommy-nursing bra,nipple butter (these are for sore nipple,i recommend earth mama angel baby nipple butter they r great & really work plus baby can ingest it) , breastpad (ada yg disposable/washable punya),nursing pillow (i dont really use it because i find it popping a pillow is faster and easier,so my nursing pillow end up being my baby cushion seat now haha),girdle/abdominal support ( i use an abdominal support that i bought sana d happymum and i must say it really worth it in helping reducing my flab tummy and help supporting my tummy when i'm walking  during those 1st few weeks after c-sect )
    4. For Travelling- car seat (ada yg infant punya,ada yg convertable punya,i use convertable punya cuz boleh pakai from infant until 4 years old.i notice that most sabahan parent dont use car seat while traveling with their baby.its so dangerous  if you only hold your baby because if an accident occur (palis2),the baby may be thrown out or squash agains your abdomen..and i notice also they usually kc biar saja the child kc keluar their head and body outside a moving car in the highway playing..omg,if la the parent suddenly brake,sure the child will be thrown out.i wonder what are they'r thinking.
    5. well,thats all yg i can think  off now.there still a lot of small things thats equally important but not on my list.to be continue in  part 2.have a great day my friend..god bless!

    Monday, August 1, 2011


    my baby is officially 3 month old this week..he likes to jump everythime i hold him..macam he tidak sabar2 want to walk,pada hal still a long way to go haha
    so being his mum,i went online and search for development toys that he'll like (those yg promote jumping la kunun) and narrow down my search to this two toy i.e fisher price rainforest jumperoo and bright starts bounce a bout..the jumperoo is rm 745 at little me while the bright starts i'm not sure whether they have it or not..so i try looking at online price and i noted that its cheaper if i buy it online from KL compare to buy it at KK..i think i'm crazy for spurlging rm 700++ just for a toy that my baby can use for few months but i cant help it to pamper my baby..haha gone was the day where i pamper my self only..he better love me a lot when he grow up later huh
    fisher price rainforest jumperoo