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Friday, September 2, 2011

getting ready for solid :)

my den den is 4 month old now and he's showing signs that he's ready for solid hehe..and worse he's teething now..huhu..crying profusely..bring him to the Dr last nite and he's totally fine,so i guess my suspicion is true..he's teething..OMG
bought this bumbo seat for him @ little me..nasib baik ada diskaun 10%..kalo nda,bocor poket hahaha..actually there's a slightly lesser in price baby seat but i choose bumbo because its the only baby seat endorsed by orthopedic & paediatrician worldwide..gotta protect his little spine from the early bah kan

i choose green cause its my fave color..and unisex,so if den den has a little sister later,boleh la dia waris hahhaa :p

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